Vietnam Cambodia Cruises

River Cruises from Vietnam to Cambodia along Mekong River

Jayavarman Cruise

No.Cabins: 27

The majestic Jayavarman Mekong River Cruise is considered the father in Heritage Line’s “family” of cruise ships. This vessel was...
Itineraries: 4 days , 5 days
From US $925.00 Explore

RV Mekong Pandaw

No.Cabins: 24

RV Mekong Pandaw was built in  Rangoon in 2002 It was sailed round to Saigon under Its own power and many a drama described in Paul...
Itineraries: 8 days , 5 days
From US $1,125.00 Explore

Mekong Navigator Cruise

No.Cabins: 34

Mekong Navigator was built in 2014 is an elegant vessel cruising though Cambodia and Vietnam, Offering an outstanding selection of 34 spacious and...
Itineraries: 8 days , 5 days
From US $919.00 Explore

The Jahan - Heritage Line

No.Cabins: 26

 The Jahan is Heritage Line’s most romantic cruise liner in Mekong River. Considered the brother of The Jayavarman in Heritage Line’s...
Itineraries: 8 days , 8 days
From US $2,060.00 Explore