Applying GIS to cultural heritage and tourism management

Thirty Vietnamese and German academics attended a forum on cultural heritage management and tourism development on Sunday, which discussed the advantages of applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Vietnamese cultural heritage and tourism manageme
GIS is a computer tool that allows users to create interactive queries, analyze spatial information and edit data and maps. The German academics have a great deal of experience applying GIS to tourism planning and online cultural heritages promotion.

The discussions at the forum were jointly held by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Information and Culture Institute, the Quang Nam Tourism Department, Hanoi National University and the Moskito Company and Greifswald University from Germany.

Nearly all academics believe that applying GIS will play an important role in the process of cultural heritage preservation and tourism management in Vietnam.

This technology has been applied to a few cultural preservation projects including mapping and compiling Champa cultures, researching and evaluating Co Loa's cultural sources and managing and promoting handicraft villages in Hue.