Eating in Ben Tre

Restaurants in Ben Tre
Nam Son
Tel: 822 873
Add: 40 - 42 Phan Ngoc Tong
Mains: 15.000 - 30.000 VND
Popular for its Vietnamese fare, Nam Son is usually packed wilh locals feasting on roast chicken and drinking draught beer.

Ben Tre Floating Restaurant
Mains: around 35.000VND
Ben Tre is anchored on the south side ot town near the market. The food and decor here is unremarkable, but you can't beat the location.

For fresh river fish, seafood and Viet­namese fare

Quan Dang
Tel: 829 889
Add: 1 Tan  Ke
Maim : 15.000VND

Thuy San
Tel :825 548
Add: 210B  Dong Khoi
Mains: 15.000VND

If you're travelling on the cheap, just head over to the market, which has plenty of food stalls (rice plates around 7.000VND) where you can fill up for peanuts.