Eating in My Tho

Restaurants in My Tho:
Chi Thanh
Tel: 878 428,
Add: 19 Ap Bac
Mains:  15.000 - 30.000VND
A tidy spot for delicious Chinese and Vietnamese fare, Chi Thanh has menus in English.
Cuu Long
Tel: 870 779
Add: No10, 30 Thang 4 St.
Mains: 20.000 - 30,000VND
Though it has the advantage of being right on the Mekong River, the food and decor here leave something to be desired.

Ngoc Gia Trang
Tel: 872 742
Add: 196, Ap Bat
Set meals: USD4 -12
A pleasant place on the road into My Tho from HCMC. It's a bit pricey compared with the restaurants in town, bui it has a lovely courtyard atmosphere and good set meals.

Trung Luong
Tel: 855 441
Add: Hwy 60
Mains: around 25.000VND
Located a few kilometres west of town, Trung Luong is near the gate marking the entry point to My Tho. Here too is a nice garden and the tour groups that stop here appreciate the clean toilets. The caged animals, however, do not add to the charm.

Other good spots with local flavour

Thuan Kieu
Tel: 876 636
Add: 47 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St.
Mains: 10.000-20.000VND

Cay Me
Add: 60 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia
Mains: 10.000 - 15.000 VND

My Tho is known for a special vermicelli soup, hu tieu my tho, which is richly garnished with fresh and dried seafood, pork chicken and fresh herbs. It is served eithei with broth or dry (with broth on the side) and can also he made vegetarian.
Although hu tieu can be found at almost any eatery in town, there's a handful of speciality restaurants (open mornings only). Carnivores will enjoy Hu Tieu 44 (44 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia; soups 6.000VND, 5am-noon), while vegetarians should look for Hu Tieu Chay 24 (24 Nam Ky Khoi Nqhia; soups 3.000VND; 6-9am).