Eating in Vinh Long

Restaurants in Vinh Long
Thien Tan
Tel: 824 001
Add: 56/1 Pham Thai Buong
Mains: 40.000 - 50.000 VND
Specialising in barbecued dishes, this is considered the best eatery in town. Recommended is the fish cooked in bamboo and chicken cooked in clay. If you're feeling brave, consider the roasted rice-field rat.

Tiem Com Chi Thanh
Tel: 823 457
Add: 64 Le Thai To
Mains: 10.000VND
Rice steamed in tiny clay bowls is served with excellent Chinese dishes ranging from tofu and shiitakes to frog to pork intestine.

Lan Que
Tel: 823 262
Add: 2 Thang 9
Mains: around 15.000VND
This popular local joint serves up genuine Vietnamese food, including good turtle and frog dishes.

Tai Co
Tel: 824 845
Add: 40A, 2 Thang 9 St
Hotpot 30.000 VND
Lau (hotpot) is the speciality here, but it also serves good Chinese fare.

There are a string of local point-and-eat com binh dan restaurants (rice plate: 7000VND along Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St thai are worth checking out.

Hoa Nang Cafe Enjoy an iced coffee or the riverfront.

Phuong Thuy Another establishment with OK fond and fine river views.

Vinh Long Market Sample some dekious local fruit and take in the scenery.