Eating in Sa Dec

Restaurants in Sa Dec
Chanh Ky
Tel: 864 065
Add: 192 Nguyen Sinh Sac
Mains: 15.000VND
Rice dishes, chaa and tasty noodle soups like rni quang are served here.

Com Thuy
Tel: 861 644
Add: 439 Hung Vuong
Mains: 15.000VND
This is a local eatery worth Itrying. The food is good, but the bizarre facial expressions on the fish in the big tank are even better!

Quan Com Cay Sung
Tel: 861 749
Add: 87 Hung Vuong
Mains 15,000VND
is next door to Thuy and also serves respectable Vietnamese fare.

A bit further south on Hung Vuong St are a few good noodle soup shops (soups around 5000VND).