Eating in Chau Doc

Chau Doc has some truly excellent restaurants on offer.
Chau Doc has some truly excellent restaurants on offer.

Bay Bong
Tel: 867 271
Add: 22 Thuong Dang Le
Mains 35,000d
Among the town's excellent restaurants, Bay Bong specialises in hotpots and soups, as well as fresh fish dishes. Try the stewed fish in a clay pot (ca kho to) or sweet-and-sour soup (canh chua).

Tel: 867 381
Add: 41 Le Loi
Mains 35,000d
Just across the road from the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, Mekong is worthy of a plug. Set outdoors in front of a classic old French villa, it's a lovely place for lunch or dinner.

Bassac Restaurant
Tel: 865 010
Add: 32 6 Le Loi
mains $7- $12
Open: 6-11am & 6-11pm
Sophisticated dining is paired with a relaxed colonial ambience at Le Bassac. It also has good snack food such as burgers, sandwiches, spicy chicken wings and pizza at the hotel's poolside Bamboo Bar.

Lam Hung Ky
Tel: 866 745
Add: 71 Chi Lang
Mains 40,000d
This joint serves up good Chinese and Vietnamese food, with misleadingly unappetizing menu items like 'instant boiled assorted meats.

Hong Phat
Tel: 866 950
Add: 79 Chi Lang
Mains 40,000d
Similar in standard and fare to Lam Hung Ky.

Other options nearby:

Mi Vach Tuong

Add: Thu Khoa Nghia
Noodles 7000d
Literally meaning 'noodles along the wall', this is a great breakfast noodle joint beside the local basketball court.

My Quang Cafe
Tel: 560 398
Add: 25 Doc Phu Thu
Mains 12,000d
Another popular eatery well known for its friendly service.

Thanh Tinh
Tel: 865 064
Add: 13 Ouang Trung
Mains 15,000d
Great vegetarian food at the place whose name means 'to calm the body down'.

Truong Van
Tel: 866 567
Add: 15 Quang Trung
Mains 15,000d
Good Vietnamese food at decent prices.

If you'd like to sample the best fruit shakes (sinh to) in town, look out for the stalls on the corner of  Phan Van Vang and  Nguyen Van Thoai.

At night, you can also try a variety of cool dessert soups (die) at stalls on Bach Dang, next to the pagoda.
The Chau Doc Covered Market
Add: Bach Dang
has excellent Vietnamese food.
Sampling these street treats will cost you a cool 3000d to 10,000d.

Drinking & Entertainment
Chau Doc is a fairly sleepy town and tends to shut down early.

Do Quyen
Tel: 865 565
Add: 7 Truong Dua
admission free
Open: 8am-11pm most nights
This is a fun little local disco about 2km from Chau Doc on the way to Sam Mountain.

There's another dance hall nearby that's popular with the locals, called An Tuong 2 (admission 20,000d; open:  8-11pm, closed Mon & Wed). The entry fee includes one drink.

The Lobby Bar in the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel is a nice, 'civilised' place for a drink or a game of pool.